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Lake Powell!

These are just a few of the photos but we had a whoot of a time!
☮       ♥     &          ツ Peace Love and Happiness
Haha! My friend had these on her Facebook and I thought it was so cool so I added it to here!

I hurt my Wrist

I hurt my wrist in tumbling. i was doing my backhandspring and i heard a clicking noise and then i felt pain. Its not bad if i just can keep my wrist straight but i keep doing things and so i put the bandage on my wrist so it can't keep getting hurt! some may say i am being a girl!!!! but you know what... i am a girl!:) haha

Our picture time! Mandy and Ashley! (lost of attemtps to get the right pictures)

This is just a cool picture we tried to get it cool alot but we finally got it right!

Ashley's adorable brother! Isn't He so cute!

Now we tried blowing bubbles! AT THE SAME TIME! It doesn't seam that hard but let me tell you it was very difficult!

This is where we started to try and get cool pictures of our eyes and as you can see it was hard! we couldn't get the camera in the right place then we couldn't get our eyes in the right place but yeah we got some good ones!

These are just some really random pictures!

Muscle's Contest!

Mandys Muscles!

Nicks Muscles!

Papa's Muscles!

We went on photo booth and used boldge on the smallest and enhanced our arms!! (go to my comments and vote on who won my funny little contest!)


ha ha!

Camille and I being weird. Oh and when I say start and stop I am spinning my ring. I am quite bad at it...:)
But we love this song so... yeah

All time creepiest picture Camille and I have ever taken together!

We were just taking pictures and this one turned up!

Rodey's Birthday!

Today is Rodey's Birthday! He is now 12! This is a very big day for him!