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Life Sucks And Then You Die (haha)

Well, I made Seniors... Jazz Club that is. For the past four years I have been thinking that I will make Company at The Dance Club, and all of those years I fall short. There are a million reasons i can think of. Not good enough for sure but i am just confused. Last year Sheryl talked so Siale Vaitohi and me about how we will get what we are working for. We were set in the Sr. trio along with Briel Johnson. All three of us worked really hard and thought that we really improved. When auditions rolled around we were all so nervous. Just this week we got our results back. Siale made Senior Company!!! Yay!! Briel made Teen Company!!! Yay!!! (I really am happy for them!! I love them both!!) Mandy made Senior Jazz Club for the 4th year in a row. Party. . . I more just want to know what I need to work on so that I can get to where they want me to be. I am confused and disapointed in myself. But what can I do about it. Work hard for next year and try harder.