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eh.. why finish the title...
My favorite peoples...
Dane Antonio Taylor. I love you bub.

Boy, Goy boy, geee-oooi-ya-yo-you,
Bagoia, sofia. i love you.
okay, i ruined the picture... but i had to have my amers on here.
tha fam.. nicky... :(

Okay I'm not really that depressed but it just sucks.
This week I thought would just be a good buy for nick to all his buddies.
I though this till I started taking pictures with all of these seniors i will never see again.
Kids I am close with but not close enough with to stay close with.
There has been a lot of goodbyes that I don't like...

I wish I was a poet...

As the breeze rolls in
And the sun goes down
My fear increases
But my joy is sound
A perfect view
A beautiful hike
A wonderful day
All the things that I like...

Once upon a Saturday..

It's started to feel like summer... And it made me happy.

Self Centered... Hopefully just for a moment...

Being me is an interesting thing.
I decided that since this is my blog about me I would make a post about who and what me is.

When it comes to other people in not to good at having a middle ground. If I like you, I'll treat you like my best friend. If I don't, I probably don't know you or have been holding a grudge on something really dumb. There are only a few people I really just dislike, most people I have heard things about so I just keep my distance. (probably not my smartest move, I should get to know them and see the real them but at the same time, what if the dumb rumors that people shouldn't spread are true?) so I'll stick to my method, and if someone wants to get to know me that I have wrongfully judged(I apologize), I will happily welcome them I'm.
I love shoes. I more love looking at shoes... Shoes are great to wear yes but sometimes I'd rather be barefoot. But why are shoes such a thing that pulls me in? If you think about it they are quite weird …

Mommy, Sue, Madre, Mom, Suzie Q, oh how i love you.

Dear Mommy, I love you happy mothers day!
Do you want to know why I love you?
Good 'cause here it goes!
I love you because...
you are beautiful
you are fun
you think you are funny, and it makes you even funnier
you giggle like the twins
you wake up when you haven't slept all night to make me breakfast
you get mad at me when I am late to class
you make sure to see how my night was even when I am being an annoying teenager and "don't want to talk" (i do)
you have some REALLY good meals... and with everything else we smile and pretend to eat it anyway :)
you love watching your american idol
you and i can't resist our chocolate cravings...
you love to talk to me
you are my buddy
you can never stay mad at me :)
you let me take your clothes
you let me steal all your shoes
you get mad at me when I forget to come say prayers
you ask for my advice on hair and clothes and think i have a clue about what i am saying
you make sure conversation stays fun!
you know how to make a keep a house …

Dear blog, I am sorry.

I didn't forget about you... I just haven't had time... This is what has been going on for the past two weeks....
DANCE COMPANY CONCERT! that in itself is enough to keep me away from my blog forever (if it were to last forever). Everything about the concert was so amazing! I love dance company!! All the girls are so fun and amazing! I'm so sad about the 5 seniors who are leaving me. Why do they think they can get old? Don't the know that's not allowed? Oh well... D co is forever anyway so they aren't really gone gone. Savs dance was probably my favorite:) it's so beautiful.. Especially cause I took the time that Wednesday to read the book. (the message by lance Richardson) you really have to read it. I promise you will love it. It's a quick read. And a must read!

Did I mention I love d co? If I didn't you must know that I do. Spending all of Saturday Monday Tuesday in tech, wednesday at centennial day, and thursday and Friday doing concert, oh! and …