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Fruit Baseball!

Woo Hoo!!

Following? More satire.

Well, as I said before, I wanted to show you my friends satire. Quite funny, but also makes quite the point.

"Mormons. The worlds worst people. They don't know up from down they are so happy. It's inhuman! Women driving 12 passenger vans just to transport the first wife's children! It makes me sick. Their belief system is crazy! Who would ever believe that God isn't the Holy Ghost and Jesus too? Plus who wouldn't believe that he is everywhere and nowhere? That makes no sense. They believe that men live forever, get to create worlds and be forgiven for their sins! What is that all about?! Everyone knows when you die, you die, and that you can never be forgiven. Don't even get me started on this word of wisdom thing. No alcohol, Tobacco, coffee, etc. Not to mention the law of chastity, their weird belief in not having debts, and getting an education. All pure crap. That's why I would never vote for a Mormon! Romney is too perfect! Who wants a sober, cle…
Well, everything seems to have happened in the last little bit, or it will soon... and a picture is worth a thousand words, so heres about a million words....

Well. Life begins this week! haha I guess thats the way to put it! I graduate in three days and I can't believe it! I still don't have my cap and gown.... haha i guess I'll get that when i get all of my classes signed off.  

Gioia gets back from her trip on tuesday and we
are going house hunting! goodness, I am so excited to move forward and
start making my own decisions. I have all my classes for summer and
fall picked out and i cant wait to get started!

Friday was senior ball! I went with James Summers! it was so fun! The whole event was so fun because james is probably the kid I'm mentally closest to, meaning
we think most alike each other.Or we've just known each other the
longest, so the entire night was effortless.

Last weekend was my last dance company date. It was quite a sad day.
but very fun. I took cannon su…

oh Zooey...



Just leave already.