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the avett brothers got it right...

"I wanna have pride like my mother has, and not like the kind in the bible that turns you bad."
I have recently been realizing my own pride more and more, and it's almost like the more I know about it, the less I want to let it go. Because some forms of pride aren't bad... (at least I don't think so) but also, it feels good. It feels good to be right, or better. and I know that that's a terrible thing to say, but ya know... it's true... But I also know I need to be humble. I hear that little voice in my head when i'm being prideful and I know i am really going to need to work on it. but in the end it'll be worth it. (i just know it)

So if you ever are with me and I am being a big prideful beast, whisper a little something in my ear. Yes, it'll probably make me angry and I may freak out, but by the end of the night I promise I will apologize and thank you.

ever learning,
the littlesis.

lifes little gifts.

So, recently, I have found that i keep getting anxious for the things that are coming. 
My boys are leaving soon I'll be moving out I have to pay for tuition next year I'm going to be getting married in 5-30 years... (hah)

And one day, as I was walking back to my car (it's a very long walk) I thought, 
Why on earth am I worrying about these things? I realized, I should really just enjoy all of the time I have now with the people around me and with the experiences I have now.  Since I am enjoying the wonderful ones around me, I thought I'd share a few photos of me doing just that. We (the gang) went up the canyon on sunday and witnessed one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. This is when I fell in love with fall... along with the fun(hah) us, check out the scenery..

So, I have now decided I'm not going to talk about how weird it will be without the boys or how worried I am about any weirdness... Basically no being weird... who would'a thought?  I can tell abou…

week this...

Well, last week I took on a few more hours at the studio! and starting in october I am going to be talking 3 more! I am loving it! and it's so much easier to buckle down and do my work(homework and studying) when I know I have no other time I can do it. 
Busy busy bee, that's me.  Today was the Brigham City temple dedication! It was really special. I went in thinking about some specific things and wow, it makes all of the difference. It was a really neat experience. When we went to the last one, I was too young. I have realized that I took my entire childhood for granted. If i would have worked then how I do know, I would be one heck of a person, (and I'm sure I'll be saying that again in a few more years about the "now" me.. but oh well, at least I'm progressing. 
I took my first test for this semester! I did alright... Each question was worth so much and there weren't very many questions so... if you miss one, you miss a lot of points... But that's…

getting organized...

Well... me being the procrastinator I am, I have been telling myself for the longest time... (like months) that I need to organize my room... It has been crazy. Its been since college began earlier in the summer... 

Gross. I know.

Now, I am finally doing it! I even rotated my summer clothes to the back and my sweaters to the front! (someones excited for fall) But for any of you who have seen my room in the past 2-3 (maybe 4... oh goodness) months, I sincerely apologize for the disgusting state it has been in. I will try to be better in the future!

ever learning,
the little sis

just doing some youtube stalking of the buble...

I just love this :)


So I'm sure I am not the first to show you this, but if I am, lucky me!
My cousin and her vollyball team became obsessed with this song and she thought she's show me because my brother is serving in korea... hahaha it's quite amazing! Really wish I were in this music video. If I were, all my wildest dreams would come true...

regurgitated elder letter

This week was good. I went back to Timpview for the homecoming game! haha that was an interesting and strange feeling. But it was definitely fun to see my d co girls perform!

This week byu played Utah! and we lost. But it was definitely a close game. 24-21. and the game ended at like... 11:58 with a kick that would have made it go into over time and he kicked the goal post. It's true, BYU doesn't play football on sundays. hahaha 

Basically I am just working day to day, trying to enjoy what I can and push through! 
We had stake conference today and it was awesome! So many good talks, many of which commented on 1. That we must remember we are Children of God (he told and i love the story of moses when he becomes tempted of the devil he says, "who art thou? for i am a son of God") 2. That temples are one of the greatest blessings we have along with family(and that they go hand in hand) 3. and the 4th article of faith was brought up a few times. 

Elder Oaks{i know, so cool} tal…

singin' it.

do the cozy girl rock rock rock rock rock do the cozy girl rock rock rock rock rock
my name is mandy i'm so dandy yeah oh my i guess i love candy boys wanna hand me flowers cause they can see {me} comphy in my snuggie and i know they thinking "hug me"
cozy as a teddy warmer than a yeti  mad cause i'm smilin' in these sweaters and i'm ready
all eyes on me when i walk in no question that this shirt's size "men" don't hate me 'cause i'm comfortable don't hate me 'cause i'm comfortable

Heres a shock!

I updated choreography blog Not with anything I choreographed, but I am the one dancing it.  I know, I fall out of my turn and it goes downhill from there, I am a terrible person.  Truly horrible. Feel free to forgive me at anytime.  I'll allow it.

I may need your assistance...

Well, I am writing an opinion editorial for my writing class(which is directed for the school newspaper) and when my mama read it she was offended by my harsh language... Well, I thought I was being humorous. Either way, I lightened it up a little, and now I need your opinion if I am being.... harsh. (keep in mind I wanted to pick a topic that is entertaining and that people would read and possibly laugh at) Here goes it!

"Breed 'em Young University" That's one nickname we've adapted. We may be the only university that is completely accepting of a female freshman in college getting married. We as women have been told for years that getting married is our salvation. We are the youth who have been teased by our grandmothers, telling us not to end up an old maid and our only purpose here at BYU is to find that eternal companion we all search for so desperately. We have seen the 23 year old unmarried woman and think, wow, I don't want to end up like that. But, ummm…

hey there.

Sorry I forgot about you last week, It was unintentional, I swear. It's just been a crazy few weeks with school and work and all that jazz. But it's been so fun! I am loving it!

My classes are fun during the class time but I am not really loving all of the reading I have to do. The strange thing is, I prefer to read the text book then an actual novel. For some reason, every time I sit down to read this one book, I would do almost anything to no longer be reading it. So I am still stuck somewhere in the middle of chapter 1...

I am loving work so much. The girls are so fun and they aren't as distracted because their days have more structure now that they are back in school. I get to start choreography soon and that is always the best! I get to be the fun young teachers I have always loved who are fun but you know when they mean business.

The only issue I am having right now is getting myself to remember this.

"Mandy, you are going to college so you can learn all the thin…