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off into the universe...

well, it has definitely been a while since I have sent something off into the universe, and well, since I am me and I like to send things {whether in the form of choreography, writing crappy poems, making up melodies, banging on a piano, or blogging} off to the unknown often, I thought it was about time for some of that. and I have had a few thoughts buzzing around in my brain. I'll share one.

here we go.
So, I have one friend, his name is Tanner. 
Now Tanner is a very nice kid, he always 
tries to help, he is very smart and he is loyal 
{but don't relate him to a dog}. He is also
a realist. He knows how life is, and he has 
had his trials, but he makes the best of what 
has been dealt to him. One habit he has made
{whether consciously or not} that I really
admire is he always wishes people good 
luck as he says goodbye. And it is always 
accompanied by something he asked that 
you need luck with.

Now, many people have their catch phrases to say  goodbye to help with the awkward sting, but m…


today I stopped my tedious homework-doing and looked around the library at the hundreds of students who surrounded me. I then though of all the other millions of students in the hundreds of other schools. There are a lot of us on this planet, and not only students. I thought of some of the recent trends and advances in the world that have only been around for the tiniest fraction of the worlds existance:

Don't have kids,
technology (laptops, computers, cell phones, tv's, etc...)
promotion of gay and lesbianism 
women out doing a mans job
high depression rates
People living with disease
medical advances

now, these are only a few that crossed my mind, but I had the thought (of course while doing anthropology and thinking of humans and how they are and why and the norms we follow {deep stuff}{hah}) and it occurred to me that we have always been a surviving race. at every point in our million years of history, there has been at least one person following through and re-creating a little t…