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gratefully humble.

everyone has wounds, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional, and all wound will heal if taken care of. But once they are healed, then comes time to rip the bandaid of the sore area. And that you need to be ready for. Gear up. Bandaids are sticky.

on another note... here is a cute little pep talk... my favorite part that i am going to be thinking about this week is, "what is your space jam?"
i hope you enjoy
the little sis

I'm sending out the decree now!

just how i went a year{plus and hopefully forever} with out soda, i will go without ice cream.
My experience without soda was strange. I always wanted to drink it, but then when it cam time to be able to drink again I remembered how bad it made me feel all of the time, and I didn't want to drink it again... I didn't. So lets hope the same will come from ice cream. Maybe next year I'll be moving onto another thing to cancel. Or maybe in 6 months I'll add another. 
wish me luck,
the little sis

the semesters beginning notes

Well, First week of Winter semester was a... success?? I think I can say so. I really love all of my classes! 

Book of Mormon: I have an awesome teacher, same as last semester and he is the best.
American Heritage: Okay, maybe I don't love all of my classes... I don't dislike it, and my teacher looks like he will be good, so I'm not too worried, But yeah that class may be a drag.
Chemistry: I am in chemistry! It's still in the really boring stage where we are learning safety and what a centi-meter is... but I am really excited for this class because in high school it was definitely one of my favorites!!
TA for dance: I think I should enjoy this class. I assist a very beginning class so it is really simple, but it should be fun as it picks up a little bit.
Spanish!!: Well, being back in spanish class is a lot of fun! I am actually not in the class yet sadly, but I have been attending so when I do get in {and yes, I will get in} I won't be way behind. {even though I alrea…

well that was a shock...

I just barley had my first day in french class... and well... that is a lot of french for a girl who has only heard "pas de chat" and "tendu." I know I shouldn't be a quitter and I should stick to my guns... but she asked me a question and the only reason I could kind of answer it was because it sounded the same in spanish and cause I looked at the girls paper next to me... {sorry...} It was how to say y in french. Spanish sounds like "ee-gree-ay-ga" and french is "ee-greek" or "ee-greck" one of the two.. and that was all I understood and got out of class. {which was actually probably a lot for a first class I know}

Now I know if I really wanted to I could get my brain together and learn french but I still have my mom and dads pep talks {about how useful spanish is in the world} in my head and it's pushing me to want to transfer to a spanish class {which I took for 2 [kind of 3] years in high school}. I would do great. I have a …


there are some things that i wish about life and  love and fate that i believed that i don't
I wish I could find the serendipitous moments in life and think, hey, that was undoubtably a moment of serendipity and then sit and enjoy the moment
I wish I believed in serendipity, a "fortunate accident" as they describe in the movie Serendipity. I guess I may believe in serendipity, but not quite fate or destiny, unless they are tied to something else. Unless fate and destiny are rewards for doing whats right for your life. In that case I may.  But I want to believe that one day everyone will have have that moment from Serendipity, where they meet someone and it's just like... oh, there you are. 
I am a total hopeless romantic. hah, sounds funny when I actually put it down in words. But I am. I don't appreciate a movie, or book, or song(etc.), unless it deals with some sort of a romance. It doesn't always need a happily ever after, although it sure does help, but it jus…

expression of obsession

Can I just say how much I loved Les Miserables. I am officially to the obsessed point. Can we go see it again together? It was raw, and perfect.

the little sis.