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in the end...

at the end of everyday i am exhausted from all that i've done. my days are so full and i feel like i'm doing well with all that i have. but in the end... it's not my best work. i think i can do better but i am so distracted by all i have to do that i never focus 100% on whats i'm doing in the moment. so bare with my for a while while i figure it out. i just feel like as soon as the semester is over i can figure it all out. but for now, i just need to put one foot in front of the other and stop over-thinking in the process.

wish me luck, and take some luck too, the little sis

well... HELLO!

These past little days have had a lot of laughs, tears, confused looks, concerns, and break throughs...
and yes a *haha* is necessary here... so haha!

On our drive home from our Vegas trip my parents informed me they were moving to Vegas{well not vegas... summerland i think?}! For reals this time!
{my parents often would talk about moving but never took action until now!} Now this is so exciting for them! My dad can practice and do what he has worked so hard for now that all his Chillins are grown and gone. But the scary thing is now I am going to not be living with my parents... {we all know how well that turned out last time... haha if not click here}
And, not only are they moving to Vegas, but we have to be out by the 1st of March!! CRAZY! So this weekend consists of a lot of packing and cleaning {and a break or two to eat nutella and write on my blog...} 
So now I am going to be moving into my grandma's house which I am getting more and more excited for. My grandma is better than you…

"Lydia will never be easy till she has exposed herself in some public place or other, and we can never expect her to do it with so little expense or inconvenience to her family as under the present circumstances."

pulling out a little pride and prejudice verbiage to make me feel a little better.

 What a party! haha, i felt a little ridiculous and worthless haha but don't worry. I am fine.