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50 years ago today...

Pilot Ralph Flores and his passenger, Helen Klaben, were rescued,

 49 days after their plane crashed in northern British Columbia.

Robbie Fulks, American country singer was born

The United States made the decision to support the return of civilian rule in Korea.

Okay, if you can't tell, I was really digging there. 50 years today {to the internet} was just a normal ol' day. March 25, 1963 came and went with no big calamity, no big celebrity was born or died. Humanity didn't accomplish a space mission, and we didn't end a war.  

But, 50 years ago today, Madelyn and James Starley had their last little girl. Perfect, crying, smooshed and all. 
There was even a confusion of who's baby was who's,  but Madelyn figured it all out by that little smooshed nose. 
As this little girl grew up she became a protector of her little brother and adored by her older sisters and brother. All the older girls would play school, and nurse, and any other sort of games they could with a cute l…

tomorrow, tomorrow! I love ya, TOMORROW

Well. Tomorrow is the day my papers go in!! It was supposed to go in friday, and then saturday, but the dental didn't come in the mail. So... tomorrow first thing in the morning (as soon as the open) I am going to call and see if they have even sent it (because my bishop doesn't think they have) and if they have it should be there by tomorrow. I know this is what I am supposed to be doing. It is so crazy how everything has fallen so perfectly into place. How things that look like huge stumbling blocks are annihilated. In stake conference last week President Tim (Uncle Layton?) talked of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes that the multitude had. How they brought all they had, and all they could give, and then Christ made up for the rest of the 5,000. I know that principle is true. It's true in day to day life and it's true in the Atonement. All we have to do is all we can and He will do the rest. 
That i…

It was just one of those nights Just one of those fabulous flights

I though bringing some Frank would make this all perfect. 'Cause it was definitely just one of those days. One of those good days. But not in appearance, but it just was.

I was tossing and turning all night but when I woke up I realized my phone wasn't plugged in and it was completely dead, so I was able to plug it in and have an alarm to wake me up at the proper hour.

I was running late for my Oral exam, but so was she, and when we got in the interview we just talked. And guess what, I had a conversation in spanish with her! I felt way too fun after. 

After my other spanish test I bought a bagel in the vending machine and started on my way to my spanish conversation lab. I tried to eat my bagel the same time I was walking, and as I was scooping out the creme cheese, it fell... on the ground... all of it... haha I couldn't help but laugh at myself. It literally made my day. It was pretty darn funny. I can almost see it in a sitcom and having the audience laughing hysterically…