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summer check up

well... remember those goals i made pre-summer? it's time to see how that is going.

1. in the works

2. kind of in the works.. still in the air.

3. uhhh.... oops..

4. trying to figure out/plan

5. HAH!

6. i realized i can't just yet because i need to take a pre-requ. to see if i like it.

7. check!

8. check!

9. kind of check... i did it... but i still haven't sent the letter... (oops)

10. check! **

11. in the air...

** this has been a very fun summer. {and we're only half way there!}
jocelyn getting home
ashleys wedding
mission friends/partying with them
work/dance fun!!
LA COPA AMERICA! (chile ganó!)
family in town!
N+O 's wedding!
super rainstorms/dancing in them!
mission homecomings x1000
small gossip girl obsession
birthday surprise party (i have the best friends ever)
family reunion! {we are the family the stripping starley family}
river floating
lots of FHE's {glow in the dark(GITD) steal the flag, volleyball, GITD frisby, etc.}
lots of camp fires {…