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i love you because...

...when i was little, you would let me {secretly} sleep on the floor next to you when i should have been in my bed and "couldn't sleep" but mama didn't want me kicking her all night. {which i was notorious for}'re my cuddle buddy. make me see the best in life. #eternaloptimist create joy in every environment. taught me the best way to shout at annoyingly bad drivers. demand great things from us ask your kids {in the best way}, and expect so little in return. let me cry. {but just enough} care so deeply about others and their needs.
...once when i was understandably very upset, you gave me a day to be sad, and cry, and eat bad food, and shop, with the promise that tomorrow, it would be no more. 
...or in other words, you make up for devastation well {dance, 6th birthday, friends, parties} always taught me "proper behavior" but love me if i decide to do something else. listen and motivate with experienc…

a month of celebration

no, not celebrating me, just using it as an excuse to create fun. only 30 more days until that 21st year is complete so today, I decided I would make a list of how to make this last month extremely fun.
Granted, I am not a wild child, so if it appears lame to you. I understand. But to me, it sounds like a blast!

june 13: create a "go to" map june 14: watch the Chile game {have a party?} june 15: go on a stroll through provo {to parts I haven't seen} june 16: go to the drive in movie theater june 17: hike SILVER LAKE again june 18: have a full on picnic {basket and all} june 19: make and deliver treats {it'll be fathers day, so something to make the men feel special} june 20: fix my bike and go for a riiiiiide!!! june 21: do a craft to spruce up my apartment. june 22: go do visits with the Hermanas. june 23: go OUT to see a movie. june 24: this is a pass day. I don't exactly know what I mean by this june 25: go experience something brand new in SLC june 26: Music…

glimpse of maybe

The other day, I was sick of being indoors, so I took my book and walked around Provo for a while. While I was heading back, I passed an old two story building, that was very spacious and charming, and I had a little vision. I imagined {elsewhere. not provo} that on one floor, I would live with my family, all the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living etc. (which floor, either the first or second was {and is} in mental debate) (also, maybe there is a third floor for living accommodations as well... anyway). Then on the other floor it would be one large open space with smooth wood floors, and charming architecture {brick}. During the week this space would be used as a dance studio. I imagined having divider walls to create separate studios for multiple classes, and that when it is time for the spaces' other use, the walls would {somehow} retract to cover the mirrors and not take away from the charm. Then, come the weekends {or whenever} The space could be converted as an events venue…

something drastic.

have you ever just felt the need to do something drastic?
I don't think I have. My whole life I have lived a very careful and planned life. Although, I do love spontaneity. After 21(almost 22) years, I think I'm sick of it. My hair has been the same since before I can remember, the way I dress hasn't changed too much, I've lived in the same place, had the same friends, always danced etc. because I can't think of other examples.
I want to go more blonde and cut my hair to right below the shoulder.  (not be a blonde, but add more to the ends)
For many years, I have wanted to go to Spain. Before my mission I was applying for a study abroad there,  and then came the age change, the very weekend I was to submit the application!
Obviously my plans were changed very quickly, but I love for the culture, the language, and that type of experience never faded. On my mission there was never a though of it, because... well, I was currently experiencing just that. But then upon returning home…