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I always thought I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted, but I am slowly realizing that I have always just been a reflection of what everyone else wanted or expected from me. It has been wonderful because I have had so many wonderful influences, but I'm at the point in my life where it is time to decide who I will be, or better yet: who I am.

I always had a vision of how I would be with my husband, and it was based off how my sister missy was with her husband when they first got married. But personality wise, I am nothing like her, and we have had 2 completely different life experiences. And surely my spouse will be completely different from hers. So there is no way our lives could pass in the same way, or our way to be could be the same.

I had a vision that I would be a dance teacher forever in Utah. I have been molded into an entirely different brand of human than that. I imagined that I would get an MBA and open up a dance studio. I thought dance was my definer. No, dance w…