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madelyn ione starley

my dear grandma lived until the the last day of her 87th year. although I am sad, and miss her, I can't help but feel overjoyed at her new state. what a great miracle and a blessing to be reunited with her husband after these 20 years. what a great miracle to live such a wonderful life as an example to 26 grandchildren and more than 50 great grand children. what a great miracle to leave behind an old and tired body, to be reunited in a perfect state some day soon.  what a great miracle to truly witness the completion of her life and work on this earth.
I was blessed to grow up with her right across the street. I was given the sweet opportunity to live with her for the past few years. I feel I had the special opportunity to see how this life was getting harder and harder for her. Loneliness was a trial, as was her health. No soul would know it if they had not been there in the wee small hours. That was the strength and courage my grandma had. I remember every morning as a kid when…