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graduate in APRIL
take your graduation trip girl.  (so SAVE for your graduation trip girl)
monthly mini service opportunities jan: sock and hand warmer packages
temple monthly (at least)
weekly journal writing
gym 5 days a week (1M & W)
make meals for weekdays

madrid weeks 9 & 10 (tbt)

What did you do?These last weeks I thought I would be able to get started on on getting the new website going, but sadly week 8 began the week of vacations. Every day at least one of my supervisors was gone so I spend more time doing smaller assignments rather than projects that would take multiple days. I helped Michelle with her grants and getting their information organized and ready for when they come to pick it up. I did some archives which was actually kind of fun, I like organizing. McKenna had me working on her documents getting the past years CM grantees information taken care of, making sure they have filled out their informes, making a chart for their side projects to give future grantees ideas, making PDF’s of the other information on the informe to send to this next years’ mentors. More updates on the weebly, making the edits from last years mentors. One day, everyone was gone except for the director of Team USA, so I was in Victorias office working with her on a project.…

madrid weeks 7 & 8 (tbt)

These past two weeks I have felt like they trust me more and more. I know I just talked to you all about it, but I feel like they know they can come to me with any task and I am capable (whereas before they had to test me before to make sure I didn’t screw it up). For example, Sara, of team Spain, this week was prepping for interviews and needed me to organize the lists and informes that they would be using the next day during the interviews. This isn’t a grand task that, “Sheesh, I don’t know if I can do this.” But it always feels good to be needed, and to know they can trust you when they don’t have enough time to do something themselves. Clara always has things for me to do which is good, it is a lot of things that they have been wanting to get off the ground for a long time, and now that there are a few more hands around it is getting done. They are in the middle of switching over, again, the website to a new host, so I will be starting that on Tuesday (if they get it figured out …

madrid week 6 (tbt)

What did you do?Team Spain does not know what to do with me 1/8 of the time. I have a few theories, 1. I am just working faster than they thought 2. Michelle doesn’t know how to use an intern so she gives me tasks, but does them with me, or watches me do them 3. They were more stressed out about the activity than that the actually had work to be done. That being said, what I am doing is important, but it just ends quickly. We are doing a lot of preparations for their brunch/embassy visit on Wednesday. With Team USA I have been putting in more information to the database, writing more for the weekly site and such.Who did you interact with?I have spent more time with Clara and Michelle, McKenna has also been taking charge. I have been spending more time with the people in my office, Leticia and Cristian.What went right?All of it.What went wrong?There were a few times I didn’t have anything to do.Any new responsibilities?I have been doing a little bit more writing and putting things on t…

madrid week 5 (tbt)

What did you do?M/T With team Spain: Translation! That was a lot of fun. I really enjoy translation. The only annoying part was when someone wrote it very formal Spanish and I then had to, in my head, translate it to regular Spanish, then to English, then to formal English, which was a pain. But other than that it was interesting to see the differences between American and Spanish letters of recommendation. W/Th With Team USA: I helped make more grant authorization letters for the Americans going to Asturias, and updated them all in the system, then I read through the Pedagogy guide that they give to the TA’s to see how it flowed (as it used to be 2 parts and the merged them together this year). And now I am imputing information into the healthcare system. She apologized and said I have to jobs for you to do in the next week, one really sucks, and the other is okay, which do you want first? Haha, it’s not that bad. But it is basic, but someone has to do it, and it might as well be me.…

madrid week 4 (tbt)

What did you do?Well this week I was added to Education Spain as well, as their intern dropped out at the last second, so on Mondays and Tuesdays I will be with them, and Wednesday and Thursdays with Education USA. So this week I have been helping team Spain get organized for the new grantees for ’18-’19 and any making billing forms to send to the american universities. I also did a practice translation (although they didn’t say it was, I can see right through that, hah) and she said I would start translating the letters of recommendation that weren’t written in English next week. (or this week that’s beginning). With team USA I have been finishing up the website and making sure all the pages are the same, as we keep getting new ideas to add so then we have to update each page, as well, we were prepping all week for the big year end event they had for the ’16-’17 grantees which was on friday! That was really fun! The seminar was a little off topic though, the lady talked for about an …

madrid week 3 (tbt)

What did you do?I’m not sure if I am only supposed to be mentioning what I am doing in the internship, or in general in Spain, but I will stick mostly to just the internship. This week I have continued editing the website, formatting, and esthetic etc. Also, I have been taking on a few more responsibilities. I got to write the Climate, History and Culture page for the Barcelona cite that will be published soon. It made me pretty nervous, mostly because I knew nearly nothing about Spains history before I arrived, and since have only learned about Madrid, so that was a fun challenge. Who did you interact with?I took you advice and have been a few more times with them to eat breakfast. It is strange how different the cultures are. They even commented on the American culture of working 24/7 and eating at your desk etc. and how it effects the grantees. What went right?I think I did a good job on the Barcelona page. I feel a little insecure about it because I didn’t want to take too long on…

madrid week 2 (tbt)

What did you do?This week was similar to the past days. I finished going through the final reports just this morning and then I got started on actually editing the website. I had previously read and gone through it, but not I am going from the back side and making changes (but not yet the changes I took note of those first few days). Who did you interact with?Again, I mostly interact with Clara, but I am getting to know the other workers as well. There are quite a few Americans working there so it’s interesting how little Spanish I am speaking.What went right?I think everything is going right. I like who I work with. They all have similar opinions, and it is interesting in reading the final reports of this years Fulbrighters that they all tend to have similar opinions as well. They are all from different backgrounds and races but they all already think pretty similarly about the world and what is happening in it. If I were to give a report to Fulbright I would mention that although th…

madrid week 1 {and a half} (tbt)

So I realized I basically wrote a weekly blog post to my professor, (okay, not weekly) but I gave pretty good updates to what was going on. So I am going to post them here.

What did you do?These first few days I have spent 1. Reading through the website for the incoming grantees and checking for any grammatical errors and/or sentences that are unclear. I did that for about 3 or 4 days from Wednesday the 3rd to mid-day Tuesday. I had a few breaks putting together information packets to send to future grantees. 2. Then on Tuesday I started working on the Final Reports of the current grantees, printing and saving them to the database, and then going through and highlighting/putting in a googledoc the good, the bad, and the helpful comments. How many hours did you work?Wed-Thurs 10 hoursMon-Thurs 20 hoursWho did you interact with?Mostly with Clara Badimon, one of the main directors of EducationUSA.What went right?Mostly everything. Luckily it’s work that I can’t REALLY mess up, I mean, it’…


When we grow up we tend to stop believing in magic.

how tragic.

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so nathan and tyler became my paparazzi, so... I am sorry it is a lot of me, but there are a lot of really incredible memories here.