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snow day


dear mandy,

social media is crammed with a bunch of people i don't really care about and yet i can't seem to get enough of it. i check daily, multiple times and every time i am extremely let down because NOTHING IMPORTANT IS HAPPENING AND I DON'T ACTUALLY CARE. (for most of it) and yet i fall victim to the very same illness. i post about meaningless moments just for kicks and to see if that one person will notice it. (which they never do 'cause lets's hope they are bigger than that) but there i am, hoping the internet will give some  sort of identity or a sign or peace, or to get a buzz from that silly red "1" {notification that is}
 which in reality it is all just about as real as reality TV. 
i realize that i need to break free of that obsession, and "they"  know they have such a hold on me, and so many others, because... "how else would I know what is going on in anyones' lives?" I'll admit it, I have TOTALLY thought this.
how about a …