madrid week 3 (tbt)

  1. What did you do?
    1. I’m not sure if I am only supposed to be mentioning what I am doing in the internship, or in general in Spain, but I will stick mostly to just the internship. This week I have continued editing the website, formatting, and esthetic etc. Also, I have been taking on a few more responsibilities. I got to write the Climate, History and Culture page for the Barcelona cite that will be published soon. It made me pretty nervous, mostly because I knew nearly nothing about Spains history before I arrived, and since have only learned about Madrid, so that was a fun challenge. 
  2. Who did you interact with?
    1. I took you advice and have been a few more times with them to eat breakfast. It is strange how different the cultures are. They even commented on the American culture of working 24/7 and eating at your desk etc. and how it effects the grantees. 
  3. What went right?
    1. I think I did a good job on the Barcelona page. I feel a little insecure about it because I didn’t want to take too long on the research part, but I feel what I wrote explained sufficiently to understand the strong Catalán culture that exists and why, along with other background information. 
  4. What went wrong?
    1. Is this meant to be me reliving all my mistakes? (Joking) I was putting name tags on bags to give to the grantees at their year end seminar and didn’t see that there was a back side to the page. I realized half way through, but thought nothing of it, I would just go back and do them at the end. But it turns out there were not enough bags in that color, and the bags had to later be rearranged by shirt size, then put back into alphabetical order, so the color on the bags was indeed important. So I goofed, and we found a solution by switching the names on a few bags. 
  5. Any new responsibilities?
    1. I got to write (not just format and look for errors) the Climate, History and Culture page for the Barcelona cite that will be published soon.
  6. What kinds of professional competencies are you developing?
    1. The ability to research and produce something keeping the audience in mind, quickly. This wasn’t meant to be a long in-depth report to give profound understanding and provoke deep conversations about the culture history and climate. It was a brief history so the incoming grantees would be aware of the nationalism (community-ism) that awaits them, and a brief overlook of what they might want to pack and know before arriving. It was good to get in their heads a little bit and produce something for someone of my age about to do what I just did (them for an extended stay and different city).  
  7. What cultural experiences did you have?
    1. We went to the bull fights! I feel like I should say I thought it was awful and should be stopped, but I am not sure I feel that way. It was a very interesting experience. There was one luchador who was very unexperienced, and he made it very painful to watch. The bull took a very long time to die and was very visibly suffering. The later fighters made it more of an art. I thought the whole thing was fascinating. I loved recognizing the music from my latin dancing days, and asking the old man in front of us how the points worked, and why people were booing and what was happening with the president. 
  8. Anything else of interest happen?
    1. We went the the FIVE GUYS (just as incredible as I remembered) and also went back to the “Taste of America” store today, and stocked up on peanut butter. I do not understand how Europe has not latched on to this lovely habit/addiction/tradition of America. 


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