madrid weeks 9 & 10 (tbt)

  1. What did you do?
    1. These last weeks I thought I would be able to get started on on getting the new website going, but sadly week 8 began the week of vacations. Every day at least one of my supervisors was gone so I spend more time doing smaller assignments rather than projects that would take multiple days. I helped Michelle with her grants and getting their information organized and ready for when they come to pick it up. I did some archives which was actually kind of fun, I like organizing. McKenna had me working on her documents getting the past years CM grantees information taken care of, making sure they have filled out their informes, making a chart for their side projects to give future grantees ideas, making PDF’s of the other information on the informe to send to this next years’ mentors. More updates on the weebly, making the edits from last years mentors. One day, everyone was gone except for the director of Team USA, so I was in Victorias office working with her on a project. That was a bit intimidating. 
  2. Who did you interact with?
    1. I have spent more time talking with Leticia. I really like her. I thought she was my age, she basically is (27), and she started a week or so before I did, so we have kind of grown together in Fulbright to get comfortable. I have worked more with McKenna and Victoria, as Clara has been out of town for most of these 2 weeks. 
  3. Any new responsibilities?
    1. I worked with McKenna on her e-mail sending out reminders to all the grantees so I worked in and out of the database and a google doc to compile the right information for each grantee and send them reminders. I did something similar with Michelle sending out GRE codes to the Spanish students planning to study in the US next year. 
  4. What cultural experiences did you have?
    1. Goodbyes are different and yet the same in Spain. I felt like it was the first day again- following Patricia around the whole office saying goodbye to the people I had met 3 months previous, some I had gotten close to, some I hadn’t talked to since that first meeting. But everyone knew me and made a point of coming out and hugging and kissing me goodbye. Even one guy I’m 100% sure I have never met, or seen, a day in my life. 
  5. Anything else of interest happen?
    1. Not that I can think of! The gave me a mug and a agenda with the Fulbright logo on it! That was really sweet. 


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